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Were you looking ECU remapping?

ECU remapping in a vehicle allows electronic engine optimization by minor modifications of some parameters of the management and thus influencing engine function.

But, ECU remapping is safe and certified?

TRINS ECOPOWER, together with the manufacturer NTDD Technology and consulting QualiCity, is the only system patent and authorized in Spain and valid in the rest of the world, except USA and Canada.

ECU remmaping TRINS ECOPOWER and NTDD Technology


ECU Remmaping with TRINS ECOPOWER and QualiCity

  • Our system is under the quality standard ISO 9001/2008
  • All electronics is certified by Applus.
  • Approval by the Ministry of Industry (Spain)
  • Approval on ITV (Spain)
  • Mapfre insurance policy.
ECU remmaping TRINS ECOPOWER Certifications

Who may be interested in ECU remapping with TRINS ECOPOWER?

ECU remapping with TRINS ECOPOWER is practically available for all vehicles regardless of brand, and therefore, it´s interesting to anyone who uses a vehicle for work or who wants to have more power, performance and consume less fuel in his own vehicle. Also, it´s available for ships. 

Inside vehicles included any model of car, van, 4×4, truck , bus, tractor and agricultural machinery, construction machinery and motorcycles.

What benefits do you provide TRINS ECOPOWER?


Less fuel consumption = less fuel emissions

Saving fuel between 10% guaranteed and 15%. Reprogramming the the curve of power we manage to lower returns of the engine with the same power optimizing to the maximum the consumption of fuel. 

At the same time, we got emit fewer emissions. The EU has set ambitious targets for reducing emissions. TRINS ECOPOWER contributes a reduction of the emission in the same percentage that the saving in fuel.

ECU remmaping TRINS ECOPOWER_Engine

Less engine wear = Extend the life of the engine

The TRINS ECOPOWER software alters the structure of hydrocarbons, generating higher percentage of value and precision air-fuel mixture, achieving optimum cream, reducing the effort and engine wear, thus, you will lengthen the life of the own engine.

ECU remmaping TRINS ECOPOWER_Power

More power and engine torque = More performance and energy efficiency 

With the original software reprogramming injection engine increases power and engine torque in the order of 20 %.

With fewer revolutions greater strength is obtained.


Additional saving

Save on the purchase of any vehicle. When installing the software TRINS ECOPOWER the same power is achieved that ranges higher engine and expensive, with the addition that also save fuel.

What services does it offer you TRINS ECOPOWER?

Integration of the map of injection across connector OBD for digital route

Empowerment for optimization of the parameters of approved injection.

The intervals of maintenance of series remain inaltered.

We respond by R. ECU of our software (except in USA and Canada) during the official guarantee period of the vehicle. Policy number 0971370067404 of MAPFRE.

We guarantee three updates of software by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Practically all vehicles regardless of brand.

Manufacture, development of software and of quality control is complete in Spain.

Strict environmental control and compliance with emission standards for all our models. 

ITV available for most models in Spain.

Watch video

Some of customers who have remapping their vehicle ECUs with TRINS ECOPOWER

More than 2.000 vehicles circulate at this moment with our system ECOPOWER

More than 2.000 vehicles save themselves at this moment between 10% and 15% of fuel

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