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Warranty inspections TRINS Machinery

After realizing the inspection of my machinery, do you offer me a warranty? The answer is yes. And is that our company provides Mechanical Equipment Guarantees Public Works and Agricultural  unique and exclusive in Europe with coverage for the entire CEE scalable for the rest of the world, valid for import and export.

This type of warranty is intended for all our professional customers or vendors of equipment whose main objective is to protect its assets and insured against any breakdown. With this service added of Trins Trust Inspections Solutions, we want that you assure your purchase and / or sale, guaranteeing to official level the condition of his machinery and consequently to improve the possibilities of purchase and / or sale.

Warranty Trins and HAD Automotive

In TRINS and HAD Automotive we are exclusive providers of Mechanical Warranties for all type of engines and machinery (construction, agro and every kind of vehicles) unique and exclusive in Europe with coverage in the whole EC.

TRINS Machinery_Warranty Message

In Trins, we offer the best prices in the sector, including in the sale of machinery price guarantee and cover their expenses. This guarantee is valid for new machinery and equipment (up to 10 years). If it has more than 10 years, consult with our inspectors to offer a specialized advice.

Reprogramming the ECU with TRINS ECOPOWER, system patented and approved

Certificate installation

TRINS ECOPOWER_Warranty_Certificate installation

The quality does the difference, specially in the sector of automotion where it is essential to comply with very high standards of trust, security and quality of service.

TRINS ECOPOWER and NTDD guarantee the maximum quality in the whole process of his work, since the idea is born and logistics develops for our department of I+D, up to manufacture, sale, and even, when it is in power of the final client (service of technical assistance after sales).

TRINS ECOPOWER and NTDD audits the systems of work and certifies the installers to guarantee the quality of the whole process, from design to assembly ECU and later certification.

ITV approval

TRINS ECOPOWER_Warranty_ITV Approval

The Complementary ECU NTDD, as the modifications of software, are the only ones of the market that, thanks to the certifications, can be approved in ITV.

If the user needs it it is possible to modify the Specification sheet in ITV and incorporate into the same one the new enhanced features, legalizing to all the effects the increase of power.

The Complementary ECU NTDD comply with all the Regulations and Directives in the relative to gas emission and other renowned paragraphs previously, so ITV certifications are fulfilled without restrictions.

Certificate of the product

Certificate of the Center of Technology of the Communications CETECOM: Electromagnetic Emission – Managerial European Electromagnetic Immunity – Managerial European The active system of quality control is orientated since then by the international in force procedure, nowadays it adjusts to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.

TRINS ECOPOWER_Warranty_Approvals
TRINS ECOPOWER_Warranty_Certificate of the product
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